Mo, 6th June
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Alex Zethson (piano, key)
  • Karin Ingves (piano)
  • Anna Lindal (violin)
  • My Hellgren (cello)
  • Giannis Arapis (guitar)
  • Kasper Agnas (guitar)
  • Anton Toorell (guitar)
  • Elsa Bergman (bass)
  • Gustav Hielm (bass)
  • Andreas Hiroui Larsson (drums)
  • Juan Romero (perc)

Alex Zethson Ensemble – Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared (SE, GR)

These are the last things, he wrote. One by one they disappear and never come back. I can tell you about the ones I've seen, the ones that are gone, but there won't be much time. It's all happening too fast now and I can't keep up. Even trying to imagine it would be futile.

The weather is also constantly changing.

These are the last things. You just close your eyes for a moment, turn around to look for something else, and what was in front of you is suddenly gone. Nothing stays, do you understand? Prepare yourself…