At a time when the world is upside down and there is fire all over the world, great heaviness weighs on everything. How can we overcome gravity with a light mind? Can we remain upright, sincere in the process?

After 48 analog and two digital festivals, the moers festival is asking itself on the occasion of its 51st festival edition whether there can be true hybridity in the cultural industry. Where can the loose ends of the analog and the digital in each other's world connect in terms of content and create real added value for people?

From June 3-6, 2022, the moers festival wants to experiment with this, to be avant-garde and a place of liberation - wants to counter the increasingly oppressive passage of time with the power of improvisation, of togetherness, of togetherness.

True Freyheidt!

Running order moers festival 2022


Fr, 3rd June

Sa, 4th June

Su, 5th June

Mo, 6th June