Festival Hall (Masks mandatory)
ENNI Event Hall 
Filder Str. 142, 47447 Moers

Amusement Park/Rodelberg
at the petting zoo Moers

High school in the Filder Benden
Inner courtyard
Zahnstraße 43, 47447 Moers

@the same time
On two stages different artists play one half of a whole concert each.
The next day you can watch the complete concert with both concert halves in moersland VR (@the same space).

@the same space
Two concerts from the previous day (@the same time) will be shown together in moersland VR.

Department 08 for non-anthropogenic music
Gymnasium in den Filder Benden auditorium
Zahnstraße 43, 47447 Moers

Entrance/Ticket tent
Moers Music School Martinstift
Filder Str. 126, 47447 Moers

ENNI Solimare
Filder Str. 142, 47447 Moers

Parking space for motorhomes/camper
Parking lot
Krefelder Str. 97, 47441 Moers

Beach bar 1924
Krefelder Str. 182, 47447 Moers