Sponsorship opportunities

Dear moersians at heart,

"Which city can say of itself to be the host of a world class festival?", John-Dennis Renken, improvisier in residence 2017, asked the audience. The audiences exultation four years ago gave the answer: Moers does! For half a century moers festival has been reflecting the crème of international jazz and avant garde.  The response from press and audience is increasing every year: reviews and media coverage from Japan and the USA, on the german evening news "Tagesschau" and in addition commentaries from fans in Congo, South Korea, Myanmar….

Even though the 49th festival edition in times of Corona was very special, moers festival celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021! We want to use the comprehensive media coverage to gain even more outreach of recognition for the anniversary. We want to show: Moers is proud of its festival and proud of 50 years of festival history.

Be proud of the festival just like us and become a part of it as ally, special agent, friend, accomplice, apologist, confessor or moersfriend.


main funding and partners of moers festival 2021

Special agents

project sponsoring:

  • Hosting the festival anniversary ceremony (allotted)

  • Upcycling-bikes (allotted)

  • Exhibitions in the Schlosspark

  • Festival village makeover

  • Festival atmosphere in the city centre

  • Items on the festival program

  • mœrsterclass (allotted)

  • Virtual sound path (allotted)

  • Virtual festival experience (allotted)

Friend and supporter

more than € 500,- as well as non-cash benefits


moersify - venues and public screening


advertisement in the printed program of moers festival 2021

  • ½ page 210 x 105 + 3mm bleed

  • ¼ page 105 x 105 + 3mm bleed


energetic and ideational support


membership in the friends' association of moers festival

Please contact us via: sponsoring@moers-festival.de